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Dance Drabbles

Title: Dance Drabbles
Rating: PG to PG-13
Summary: A series of unconnected drabbles with the theme of dance.
Genre: Angst/Waff/other random stuff
Author's Notes: I think this is my favorite story written by me so far.
Pairings: 1x5, 2x5, 3x5, 4x5 in different planes of reality.


Colbat met onyx and their respective owners pushed aside the rest of the world. One was dressed in an elegant silk white martial arts gown that fell about his thin and graceful ankles. The other was embraced by a set of tight fitting slacks and a loose flowing black coat. Yin and yang they navigated towards one another, scarcely breathing for fear that the setting would shatter. A hushed atmosphere, the scraping of fabric on skin, a murmur passing through the room. What did it matter?

“May I have this dance?” A ghost of lips upon golden skin.

That was the first time they met.

That was the last time they would ever meet again.


Duo laughed merrily, amethyst eyes twinkling in the darkness of the club even as the dull thudding sound of a bass guitar echoed off of the pearly walls. His fingers clutched a glass of wine, swirling the alcoholic substance until it created a mesmerizing twirl of red ribbon. Fingers clutched at him, tugging, but he shoved them aside playfully.

And then his laughter choked on itself, luminous purple eyes gazing at the figure twirling through the crowd of people with grace and ease. Liquid fire burned itself, seared itself in his mind. A white wave, he thought with a touch of sincerity as the figure burned and smoldered his way towards him.

And then it was purple and black clashing, searching, and possessing.

The red wine fell with a sharp crash to the ground.

Dance, dance.


It was a quiet relationship they shared—one that remained undisturbed by anything. There was certain routine to how one would go about in this large empty house of theirs. Haunted. It was raining, wet droplets pounding the world outside furiously. But inside, it was quiet…except for the small shuff sound created by a chess piece sliding here or there. Bright emerald green gazed scholarly at the board, slender finger tapping gently on the board before softly urging a Queen forward on the squares.

He was met with an aggressive attack by his Chinese counterpart. It was a battle of knowledge, a battle of wits and the squares would taunt the French teen with ideas that he normally would have shoved aside easily. Green met black even as the darker set of eyes turned to acknowledge the rain.

Two chairs scratched lightly against the floor as they were pushed back.

And the rain was no longer pummeling the hard concrete in a pathetic excuse for an effort; it was sliding down a pair of interlocked arms and dancing teasingly on first golden skin and then ivory.

It was a quiet relationship they shared.


Music reigned supreme in their small but cozy house. A grand piano stood in the center of the living room, all sharp black and soft white with an occasional glare of gold. Hanging from the motionless stand, surrounded by carefully stacked piles of music was a beautiful auburn violin. Rich tones blending in with the scroll and flaring down all along the smooth back until its slender counterpart helped bring the earthy tones to real life. A silver flute lay encased in a silver holding, waiting for the first wisps of air to breathe life into it.

The inhabitants were gone; they had been gone for the previous two days, leaving behind a rather elegant oriental male costume and several sheets of music with characters scribbled across the top.

They would ultimately never come back to their haven, preferring to die together rather than surviving alone.

A shuffle of music sheets, a haunting melody, and a lithe figure spreading thin arms to fly.

Ah, music.

Notes: Third drabble is 3x5.
Cross posted to: 1x5x1 and 2x5x2
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