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This RPG was made for fun! You’re staring at this page with disbelief, aren’t you? No, we are not kidding! We made this RPG just for fun, fun, and more fun! Yeah, most people are going to go “…this is not a serious RP.” and yes, it may not be but this is a GW RP that will be full of fun. We don’t need unwanted drama! About the plot, well…It’ll be after EW (Endless Waltz, for those who haven’t watched the movie yet) and Treize didn’t die. No, he never died! He just went into hiding and came back…and yeah.

Seriously, we’ll come up with a plot, or we will just wing it. :D

-Early bird gets the worm rule (If someone was given a character that you desired to be, do not complain nor whine about it.)
-God Mode is NOT allowed. ^_^
-Please be civil with one another.
-Please do not create unwanted drama (This means outside drama should not be brought into the RP).
-Please do not use derogatory language towards one another :D
-Please do not throw a temper tantrum if things do not go as the way you planned it to be.
-If the RP log contains vulgar language, sexual activity, etc just put the content under a LJ-cut and put a rating on it to warn others of what it contains. (We don’t want some individual to go “Oh, no! My virgin eyes have been soiled!” The whole “Don’t say we didn’t warn you” phrase will work.) :D
-Anyone who disobeys the rules, acts rude towards other players, whatever, will be issued a fair warning. However, if the individual continues this immature behavior of theirs and such, they will be put on probation or will be automatically kicked out of the RP. :D

Heero Yuy - Taken
Duo Maxwell - Taken
Trowa Barton - Available
Quatre Winner - Taken
Wufei Chang - Available
Zechs Merquise - Available
Relena Peacecraft - Available
Lucrezia Noin - Available
Lady Une - Available
Sally Po - Available
Hilde Schbeiker - Available
Catherine Bloom - Available
Treize Khushrenada - Available

o_O application ish located heeeeeereee: sillycircle

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