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Ficlet Challenge

If this isn't allowed, please delete it.

I am currently lacking in inspiration like nothing on earth. Therefore, instant inspiration- in the form of you, all you wonderful people who read this journal and put up with me.

So, put simply- Give me ficlet (probably not over 1000 words, definitely not over 2000) challenges, if you please. My fandoms are as follows:

Final Fantasy VII/VIII/Advent Children
Fruits Basket
Gakuen Heaven
Gundam Wing
Weiss Kreuz
Yami no Matsuei

Then, choose a pairing or just a character- I don't mind. I mostly write yaoi, but I'll cheerfully write yuri and het as well. Please tell me what rating you want- I don't want to be writing a full-blown lemon when all you wanted was some innuendo.

And then- the prompt part. It can be a word, a phrase, or just element you'd like included. Again, I'm fairly open-minded.

Don't worry if I've never spoken to you before, or we don't usually frequent the same comms- I'm unlikely to bite.

So, posting format:
Any other information

I think that's it, then. Comment, and I'll comment back with the ficlet, or answer to a question.
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Hmm... I'll throw one out there :3
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Characters: Trowa, Wufei, Heero
Pairing: 3x5
Prompt: "This old House" /or/ "Broken Treasures"
Other: Any rating, can be AU if you like!

Hee~ Hope this sparked an idea for you!
Much love,
Cajun Cat
Bedsprings and Broomsticks

The main problem with staying in old and/or disused safe-houses, Heero decided, was not the mouldy mattresses, the rickety furniture, or the lack of anything resembling a modern appliance (including, to Heero’s deep disgust, an internet connection). These were all irritations, certainly, and had all driven each of the pilots to cursing at one time or another (Heero had even heard Quatre mutter something which didn’t sound too polite in Arabic, when the second item of furniture that day collapsed in a cloud of dust).

The main problem was, as far as he could see, noisy other pilots having loud sex at all hours of the night.

It was rather unusual, and not what he would have expected of either of them: normally Trowa and Wufei were both fairly quiet and discreet, but this night they seemed to have forgone such subtleties.

As a particularly loud ‘thunk’ noise (presumably from the headboard knocking against the wall), accompanied by a moan echoed from upstairs, Heero’s already-wearing-thin patience finally snapped.

He rose from the cushion he had been perched upon (being unable to sleep he had decided to try and get some work done, and thought the floor a safer bet than the chairs), and strode decisively up the stairs, grabbing a broom as he did so.

He reached the first floor, and stood under where he knew the pair’s room to be on the second floor. He hefted the broom aloft, and thumped the handle solidly against the ceiling.

“Quiet!” he called, hitting the ceiling a few more times for good measure, though this time more carefully- he had no desire for the plaster to come down about his ears.

There was an abashed silence.

Satisfied, Heero went to bed- but kept the broom with him.


Yes, it's horriblyhorribly late, and I'm veryvery sorry. But, please accept this humble offering? *Flees*
*rubs hands together grinning* Oh boy a challenge. Hehehe. Here we go.
Gundam Wing.

Wufei and Duo
They are somehow locked in a sex shop and Duo gets nosy, and Wufei gets an education.
Rating. NC-17