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looking for a fic

Found this community looking for a fic, now I find the second half is unavailable because the author's LJ has been deleted. sob.

Does anyone know where I can find the last chapters of pixiesmith's fic Manipulation?
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Pixiesmith deleted her journal when she left the fandom...sadly. Unless someone has a copy of it saved on their computer, you may have trouble finding it. I think it was only archived on LJ.
Sadness. oh well.
Maybe it's a better idea to ask if anyone saved a copy on their computer?
What chapters do you need? I have from start to end. I can email them to you.
AH! The best you are! I need chpts 6 - 9. I'm at lisagems at gmail dot com.

Thank you, thank you!
I think I got all of yours, with Yahoo stuffing up. Let me know if you're missing anything.

DISCLAIMER: I am sending the stories in emails so that it does not become public when Pixiesmith took her stories down for a reason, I will NOT post them up on any community.
me too. plz,
I don't have any of the chapters.

I'm also looking for ap ixie smith fic where Wufei dresses as woman to seduce Treize. D oyou have that by any chance. :)
I believe you mean, "Sleeping with the Enemy"...I don't have all of it, just three and I think there is more.. but I'll send what I have.
thank you soo much. Now I should just keep an eye open for the rest
Okay, I forwarded all I could with Yahoo mucking up. I sent an email to make sure you have everything you wanted.

DISCLAIMER: I am sending the stories in emails so that it does not become public when Pixiesmith took her stories down for a reason, I will NOT post them up on any community.
Oh, could you please email the chapters to me as well? Chapters 6-9, just like lisagems, and my email is

Thank you in advance!
Standard disclaimers (as above); the emails are for private use and not to be posted/claimed as your own work or without the express permission of the original author.

You're very welcome, Ditaykan.
Hello, Ozdragoness o/

My name is Illy-chan, I am Brazilian, have 34 years old and I am a yaoi fan girl of Gundam Wing ^~

I love Wufei and fics 3x5, 5x3, 1x5, 5x1, 3x4x5, etc

Have just discovered on author Pixie Smith - and your fantastic fics... Unhappily, she abandoned the fandom there is a long time and it removed her fics of the net...

Please, could you please email the her fics to me as well? PLEASE ;__;

My email is

I understand that it existed a fort reason so that Pixie removed their fics of the net. I promise that won't put the fics of the Pixie-san on-line...

I want can just read them.

PLEASE... Make a yaoi fan happier girl (puppy eyes)
ooo Noooooo, Not the Puppy Eyes!!!
Yey - 'puppy eyes' yes, ehheeheheheheh

Well... I was a poor yaoi desperate fangirl the o/

But Ozdragoness has just saved my soul ^~

Very Very Thanks, Ozdragoness!

^ ________________________ ^
Ohh I loved pixie smiths fics. My 2 favorites were Quatre's Secret and that other story (forgot the title >.>), but the pairing was 1x5 and it was super sad but they ended up getting together in the end, anyone had copied these 2 fics could you pleeeeeeeease send them to me?? I have no desire wutsoever to put them up online i only want them for my own to read ^_^. My Email is THANK YOU!!
I think it's been two years, but my email never received your request, so I have forwarded a link with Pixie Smith's works, but I'm not sure if it contains one of the two you requested.

Let me know if you need anything else.
I know it's been a terribly long time, but would you mind emailing me the link to pixiesmith's works please?

zaeria_cheng at yahoo

Thanks so much!
Hey do you have Quatre's Secret and another fic where they G-boys go to school and Wufei has to climb a rope in gym to get Quatre this necklace? I can't remember the name right now but my email is
Forwarded an email to you, with a link hopefully containing Pixie Smith story in question, if not let me know and I'll try to hunt them down for you.
Hey, I've just noticed that you have access to PixieSmith's stories. I've been looking on and off for links to her works for ages. If it's not too much trouble could you email me the Quatre/Wufei story where they are undercover in a school, if you have it? Someone else already requested the story which is why I thought I'd try my luck. My email is

I know I'm just adding my name to a long list of people who would like to get their hands on Pixie Smith's fanfics, but is it possible for you to e-mail them to me too? I'm not familiar with her works but I'm under the impression that she wrote a sequel to Manipulation. I would love to get anything you might have, but I'm looking for that one in particular.

My e-mail is cecilia.yam(at) Thanks so much in advance, and I apologise for the bother.

Does anyone have the sequel to Manipulation? Trowa's Revenge?
Hey I know it's been a little while since this was put up but I love Pixie Smith's fics and sadly only have one of her's saved before she took them down. If anyone could email me a copy of her works I would be forever grateful! I of course wouldn't post them anywhere on the net I'd just like to be able to finish reading the ones I had started several years ago and read the ones I never got a chance to!

Please I miss her writing!

My email is
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